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1. Data Collection

1) As a group of four, we collected data mainly from the Internet websites, in order to ensure the same scale of data.

The data items regard to:

a) Prices and Mileages of the "51 registered" cars in the UK.

b) On the Road Prices (including V.A.T) and Engine Power (in horse power HP) of the selected sample that has been chosen individually.

We specifically targeted on German cars, so the population of the pool includes the following make of cars:

Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, in regard of second-hand price, mileage, on the road price and the new price.

2) For data collection, the following websites have been visited:

3) The pool of cars covers 200 cars with the above 4 brands that have been mentioned.

In order to make the pool, and later the sample, to be more representative, a wide range of models have been covered in each make of cars.

They are shown on the list that will be produced on the following page with a wide range in terms of size, prices of both second-hand and new cars, mileages and engine power expressed by horse power.

a) If divided by SIZE, there are:

14 small cars

98 medium cars 14+98+88=200--the total amount of the pool

88 large cars

Size is divided according to the following guidelines:

Small cars ≤ 1.5

1.5 < Medium cars < 2.5

Large cars ≥ 2.5

b) If divided by MILEAGE, there are:

69 Low mileage cars

48 High mileage cars 69+48+83=200--the total amount of the pool

83 cars lie in between

Mileage is divided according to the following guidelines:

Low mileage ≤ 7,500

High mileage ≥ 15,000

The others lie in between 7,500 and 15,000

4) The coursework...