Database paper- Memorandum analyzing the use of databases in your organization - Conclude by proposing improvements.

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MemoTo:Consumer Lending Division StaffFrom:Date:Re:Database Management Systems ResearchCurrent database management systemCurrently, there is one main database management system used within our Consumer Lending division as well as two supplementary database management systems that are accessible for additional use. The primary database management system used is the "Vision" database, which not only keeps track of any past or present customers, but also keeps track of new leads for solicitation. One of the secondary databases used is the "C-II" database, which is the old program used for everything but is now retired to the newer Vision database. The final database management system used is the new "Mortgage Serve" system, which is still being worked on and does not currently have all of the old accounts, only the new ones that have been opened since its release.

Current Use of database management systemThe "Vision" database is the often used database, as it houses a lot more information than the other two.

The "Vision" database has two different databases within itself, one being the Lead Management System (LMS) and the other being the Customer Information System (CIS). The LMS is the only system currently used to track solicitations. The sales staff of our division is able to access information such as addresses, phone numbers and any solicitations that were sent out by our marketing department. The sales staff is able to record any contact information as well as any attempts at contacting these leads. This system also works with our application system to begin applications resulting from any lead in the LMS. The other part of "Vision" is the CIS. The CIS is a searchable database which allows the customer service as well as our Consumer Lending division access to customer loan information. This database allows posting of comments so that everyone is...