Dawkin's Evaluation

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The author would like to drive home the argument that the existence of God is highly improbably as the entity of God is portrayed as a superfluous, omnipotent and ubiquitous being that is a universal within every religion. There is no concrete proof or evidence on the existence of God which also contradicts with scientific and objective theories whereby the aim of science is to explain phenomena, a case which is not applicable to God that only resorts to the shabby yet sensitive argument of faith while choosing a religion based entirely upon chance and probability of location.

The cop-out on faith is also ironically applicable to other supernatural deities that seem to arouse skeptical views instead, while God does not have the same effect as God is revered to be almighty and to disbelief religion would be to go against God. With the choice of believing in God and remaining in his good books if he were to exist or becoming an agnostic and face the risk of divine retribution, most will opt for the former due to their own inner insecurities.

Hence, it is evident that the issue within the case of most devout worshippers of a religion would be an absence of a rational viewpoint to dissect the truth behind God. As an abstract concept, most will tend to doubt its existence but when authority matters, the immediate willingness to comply with it will then be prevalent among humans that do not dare to question it. It is a convenient safety net created by religious worshippers as well as a sanctuary for their mind to find peace and seek solace in without doubting its existence. To most, religion appears to be a last resort for any drawbacks in life as they cannot cope and confront head-on the...