The day I went to disney world

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AUGUST,22,2011 my mom had schedule a trip to disney world for my surprise birthday party she invited my aunts, cousins and friends. She told me we was going to go shoping down florida and come back home I had to wake up 5am in the morning just to make it to the plane at 7am I was so excited to get on the plane. I had seen it on tv shows and movies also I seen it flying over my head once but i never saw it up close so the thought made me happy to get on the plane for the very first time. Since I had to get up so early I stayed at my aunt house so we all can get out at the same time that night I was so excited to get on the plane I didnt sleep I was the first one up and the first one dressed I had my favorate pants and shirt on with my red sandels the sun haven't camed up yet so it was still dark outside and people was still sleep.

When I arrived at the airport I can see the planes waiting to take off it was so big and white when we walked in I had to take off my shoes belt and earings amd walk thru a metal detector I felt like a criminal after that Iwaited for the plane to arrive when it got there I put my luggage away and had to take my sit I had took it next to the window. So i can look at the view the lady that worked there told us we had to put our seatbelts on the polite said we was taken off we counted down to 1 from 5 then the plane took off...