Dead Donor Rule Explains what the Dead Donor rule is and the various controversies around the Dead Donor Rule.

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In an episode on the television series, The Simpsons, Balding Homer Simpson got a hair transplant. He received his hair transplant from, Snake, a prisoner on death row. After the transplant Homer was possessed by the hair transplant and started finishing what Snake started. What if that actually happened when you got a transplant and you were somewhat changed you. My essay is over the controversial subject of the donation of organs. To be more specific the dead donor rule. Relating to that subject I'll be talking the respect prior to death for Permanent Vegetative State (PVS ) and those near death, what brain death is and the dead donor rule, anencephalic infants, organ retrieval as a form of execution, non-heart-beating donors, and the lack of consensus, public policy, and the need for change in the dead donor rule. There are three main components that are considered one way or another to be the explanation for death; brain, heart, and breathing.

These are the things that someone loses right in a row when they die. It is also proven that the doctors can keep one functioning without the rest of the organs and the person at hand, is still alive, more or less (Koppelman).

The dead donor rule is an ethical and legal rule that requires donors to not be killed in order to obtain their organs or tissue (Robertson 6). They make this law in mind of the homicide laws, but this is to procure any organs in order to save lives of others. In other word you can't take any organs that are vital to that person living. You can take out organs that are non-vital and it wouldn't be breaking the dead donor rule. On the other end of the spectrum you are able to take...