Dead Poets Society

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Emerson once said, "For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure." When one doesn't follow the rules, they will always end up with discomfort. They will feel the crack of the whip against they bare skin. By not following the rules one will suffer the brutal consequences. In the movie "The Dead Poet's Society" many characters disobey the rules and they get into trouble. The movie "The Dead Poet's Society" shows that the conformance of rules will help you get through life but nonconformance will lead to rejection and misery.

Charlie Daulton disobeys many rules of Walden High School. The school finds about the 'Dead Poet's Society' and they want to know who is in it. The principal has a meeting with the whole school and they discuss this serious matter. Charlie Daulton plays a prank during this meeting in which he has a person call as God.

Charlie picks up the phone and he says that God commands that there should be girls at the school. He gets in trouble and gets a spanking with a wooden paddle form the principal. Charlie doesn't follow the rules and doesn't conform to the rules of the school. This gets him in big trouble and he gets a spanking, which causes him to be miserable. He is soon faced with the matter of expulsion. Charlie has to tell the principal the names of the members in 'The Dead Poet's Society or else he will be expelled. If Charlie. He has to decide whether he should tell the principal or keep it a secret. If does tell the principal, he will not get suspended but he would be disobeying the club's rules. This would expose all the members of the club and they would get into trouble. They would all hate Charlie for telling the principal and would not be his friend anymore. Charlie would be miserable because he wouldn't have anymore friends. If he doesn't tell the principal he will be expelled and he will have to face the consequences of his father. He will not get into a good college because he got expelled from his school. He will not get a good education and will not fulfill his dreams. All this will happen because he didn't obey the school's rules. He will be in misery whatever he decides to do.