The Death of Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was, probably, a central figure of the last years of Roman republic. He was great orator, politician and general. He always had to be the first and was totally ruthless in pursuit of his goals and ambitions. He was loved by a lot of Romans, especially by lower class, and a lot of people recognized him as a human god. On 15th of March, 44 B.C. he was called to the Theatre of Pompey to discuss the preparations for the war against Parthia, and was killed by a group of 23 senators which pulled out knifes from under their togas stabbed him to death 1 time each. But was his death good or bad for Rome? Without doubts he had done a lot of good for the republic by conquering other lands and extending its territory. Perhaps he would be a pretty good politician if he wasn't killed so short after he was declared dictator for life, but he was killed not for being good or bad dictator, but just for being a dictator.

Not so long time ago Romans threw out the king, and now they had pretty much the same situation, only now king was called dictator. Romans were proud for their republic and a lot of them didn't want their country to loose this status. I don't have anything against the Caesar himself, but I have to agree with his assassins - the death of Caesar war a right thing. The man himself was a great person, and, probably, he would be a really good dictator, but I don't believe in dictatorship. He would have passed this tradition to his children and they might not be as good as he was. Just one person should not have an absolute power over the lives of...