Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman In the novel Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman's death is a tragic one. Willy's false ideals about life ruined his career and his family. Willy's father left the family and could not to teach him from what is right or wrong. Willy could never be truthful to himself or his family. Willy was an unappreciated hard worker who made a living that he was not talented in and suffered a breaking relationship with his family.

Willy's false ideals about life ruined his career and his family. He taught his kids not to be like but well liked. He believed this was the key success to get anywhere in life. Willy wanted his fantasy to become realities for his kids. This cost Willy great pain when Biff could not find a job and Happy was cheating on other women. Willy told Bernard to cheat for Biff on test and final exams.

Bernard worked hard and studied and encouraged Biff to study but could not bring Biff to study. Bernard became a big success in life and Biff was jobless with no education and had no wear to go. He stole from Bill Oliver and could not stop lying. Willy was torn up to see his son jobless and had flashback of the past that him really hard.

Willy's father left when Willy was an infant so Willy did not have a good role- model in his childhood. Willy cheated on his wife Linda who his life is devoted to through hardships and raising the kids. Willy abused the relationship by getting mad at Linda then felling guilty about it. The women who Willy had a relationship with ruined the relationship between father and son. Biff looked up to Willy has the greatest father, when...