Debate: Future Correctional Issues

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CONTENTSFuture Correction Issues3.

Is the Segregation of HIV-Positive Inmates Ethical?3.

Isolation is Necessary3-4.

Correction Officers and HIV4.

Prisoners and HIV4-5.

Family Visits5.

Conjugal Visits6.

The Debates of Conjugal Visits6-7.


Should Serial Killers be Quarantined?7-8.

Mrntal Abnormality8.

Sexual Sadism and Psychopaths8-9.

Incurable Violent Sex Offenders9.

Determining Sentences9.

Serail Killers and Sexual Predators9-10.


Future Corrections IssuesIs the Segregation of HIV-Positive Inmates Ethical?There seems to be a debate on various correction issues, such as segregating, and testing inmates for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This controversy pertains to inmate medical control issues. Prisons allow minimal health care for prisoners, so how can an HIV positive individual be identified? This author believes these individuals are potentially deadly to other inmates, and precautions must be taken so others are protected. Many inmates suffer from this death sentence although minimal medical treatment is received while incarcerated; these inmates deserve some dignity. One may disagree, but this author believes these inmates should be segregated; not only to protect other inmates, but also to protect the infected inmates from any retaliation.

One who suffers from full blown AIDS should be permitted privacy, and some dignity along the way.

Isolation is NecessaryOne may believe isolation would be the humane action that is necessary for inmates with AIDS. This author does not believe segregation would add to an inmate's punishment, in fact, she believes just the opposite. If one with AIDS was to share a cell with a healthy inmate, he or she may be put in a deadly position. Of course this would depend on the infected inmate and what his motives would entail, but reasonably, this author believes such an action would be unfair to the healthy cell mate. What if the infected inmate did not care about any consequences and raped another inmate because he...