A Decade In European History

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European History Term Paper:1890 To 1900 During the decade of the 1890's, Europe was amazingly powerful. It could be said that Europe had practically reached its peak. Before this period of time, Europe was not as powerful, at least two hundred years ago Europe was very weak and was at the mercy of Asia and the Middle East.

During the 1890's Europe had achieved to not only stabilize their economy and government, but also to dominate other parts of countries like Africa, the Pacific Islands, America, and Latin America. Europe was also filled with revolutionary and scientific ideas, which helped shaped Europe and maybe even the rest of the world. Europe has had numerous rulers, which were both negative and positive, which with their failures and accomplishments shaped the modern government.

There were also various historical events that had a great impact on Europe. For example the Spanish-American War. In this project I will try to describe some of the various achievements and failures of certain European nations, leaders, and their cultural accomplishments.

During the 1890's there were various political rulers who exerted a great influence on Europe and the rest of the world. Some changed Europe with their achievements and their good leadership, while others changed it with their failures, poor leadership, and their downfall. I will try to both describe and prove how Czar Nicholas II had an enormous impact on Russia and the rest of the European nations.

Not long after the Franco-Russian war ended Czar Alexander III died. The date was November 1, 1894. His eldest son Nicholas II succeeded his reign, but he was not officially crowned until May 26, 1896. Nicholas II was known to be a charming yet timid family man who showed no sign of being a tyrant. He was a very...