Decision Making

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Decision Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

It sometimes seems as if life is all about decisions, doesn't it? The Internet article that I've chosen to summarize and critique in this composition deals with the art and/or science of decision making. More specifically, it deals with the issue of making ethical decisions, as its title "Making Ethical Decisions" implies. ( The article gives a hypothetical example of an extreme situation in which a very tough ethical decision must be made. It then asks the reader what decision he/she would make in this situation. Here is the hypothetical situation, taken straight from the article:

Say you are the widowed parent of three children. You have no immediate family or close friends. A severe recession has left you jobless for 18 months. Your skills are not in demand. Six months ago you started looking outside your field, increasingly willing to take anything. But even minimum wage positions were scarce and did not pay enough for one person to live on, much less four.

You're deep in debt and have filed for bankruptcy. The stress has triggered your diabetes; you have no medical coverage. You are three months overdue on the rent and have been served with an eviction notice. You've been trying to keep a cheerful, hopeful attitude for your children, who so far don't know the extent of the family's woes.

Now a job you applied for 12 months ago has come up. The salary is higher than any you've ever received and the benefits package would cover your whole family. You are told the choice is between you and one other person, but you have to swear in writing that you have never taken illegal drugs. Trouble is, you have. You used to smoke marijuana, not a lot, but regularly. You...