Decision Making

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Introduction To Management


Decision Making

Teacher : Ms. Yen Nhi

Group's members :

Nguyen Thi Loan

Tran Thi Xuan

Tran Thuy Mai

Word count : 3100

HANOI - 2010



Executive Summary 3

Introduction of the company 4

Analysis on Management functions 6

1. Actual activities 6

2. SWOT analysis 9

2.1 Strengths 9

2.2 Weaknesses 11

2.3 Opportunities 11

2.4 Threats 13

3. Recommendations 13

3.1 Capitalizing on strengths 14

3.2 Overcoming weaknesses 14

3.2 Maximizing opportunities 14

3.2 Eliminating threats 15

4. Conclusion 15

Appendix and References 16



Vietnamese cuisine is an integral part of its culture. Among the various Vietnamese dishes, chicken is considered to be one of the most versatile ingredients. To discuss this event, this report looks at a certain organization, CHICKEN36. Based on the data obtained from a company visit including observing and interviewing, as well as some secondary sources of information, we make SWOT analysis on the company as the whole and specifically discuss the effect of making decision on the company's activities.

CHICKEN36 with resources and core competency as strength together with some internal weakness is affected by many external factors in today environment. In the time of recovering of the economy after recession, CHICKEN36 has to face difficulties but also opportunities to grow, which are discussed in this report. As the main part of the discussion, the report investigates the reasons why the managers chose to open a series of restaurants, not the other types and the impacts of it on the managerial functions. Additionally, at the end of the analysis, recommendations are given about decision making process designed to suggest some possible solutions that CHICKEN36 and the other restaurants could apply to overcome obstacles and be...