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Michael Josephson is an individual who has had much success in life. Educated in law and education he has made many contributions to society. Currently he is the founder and president of the Josephson institute Michael has developed a seven step decision making model. The model helps and provides guidelines to better decision making.

In many cases decision making may be very difficult or an individual especially when the decision may effect other individuals. Josephson's model helps ease the decision making process. The seven steps the model discuss are: 1 Stop and Think, 2 Clarify Goals, 3 Determine Facts, 4 Develop Options, 5 Consider Consequences, 6 Choose, 7 Monitor and Modify. The steps are easy and helpful, they gradually guide you though the sometimes hard process of making decisions.

The first step in the model is to stop and think. The individual must sit down and begin the critical thinking process and analyze what the situation is.

One bad decision and the future of the person making the decision could be in jeopardy. This step should be devoted the most time.

Step two clarify goals; ask yourself what am I looking to achieve with this decision. You need to determine the organization's needs, in the short term and long run, which goals have a higher priority. Establishing the goals is very important in the success of an organization.

Step three determine the facts, the truth must be separated from the false. Everything that is fetishes must be eliminated and you must focus on the facts. Decisions must be based on facts. In order to determine what is true and what is not critical thinking must be used and used wisely.

In step four you must develop your options. This is when the individual makes a list of what options there...