Decision-making Model Analysis

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Decision-making Model Analysis (this title is a bit misleading--It really discusses the Baldridge Business Model instead)

There are various decision-making models that are employed today by organizations and individuals at all levels. Different models are used all the way from corporate America to elementary schools to wide-reaching health care networks. In examining one model in particular, the Baldrige system; it becomes clear that critical thinking is essential to making sound decisions at all levels of organizations.

The Baldrige system (model) is the namesake of Malcolm Baldrige. Baldrige served as the Secretary of Commerce, under President Ronald Reagan, from 1981 until his death in 1987 from a rodeo accident.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was created by Public Law 100-107, signed into law on August 20, 1987. The Award Program, responsive to the purposes of Public Law 100-107, led to the creation of a new public-private partnership. [Principal] support for the program comes established in 1988.


Baldrige's managerial excellence contributed to long-term improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of government. The new law was a direct result of the United States inability to keep up with foreign competition in both quality and quantity.

A national quality award program of this kind in the United States would help improve quality and productivity by helping to stimulate American companies to improve quality and productivity for the pride of recognition while obtaining a competitive edge through increased profits; recognizing the achievements of those companies that improve the quality of their goods and services and establishing guidelines and criteria that can be used by business, industrial, governmental, and other organizations in evaluating their own quality improvement efforts; and providing specific guidance for other American organizations that wish to learn how to manage for high quality by making available detailed information on how winning...