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There are several decision-making models to choose from in any given situation. In my research I have come across several; the Responsible Decision-Making Model, the Ethical Decision-Making Model, the Democratic Decision-Making Model, and the Collective Decision-Making Model to name a few. Decision making pervades all other management functions and plays a key role in the creation of positive human relations. The performance of all management tasks, from organizing to controlling, requires that decisions be made. How these decisions are made will either benefit the organization or hurt it, depending upon whether they are effective or ineffective decisions. The effectiveness of decision making module in an organization will help determine whether the human relations situation is favorable or unfavorable. This is because the decisions that managers make will determine the nature of the three building blocks of the work environment: job, leader, and organization. The ideal is to obtain effective decision making so as to create a positive work environment whereby workers are satisfying their own needs while simultaneously satisfying the organization's goals.

(Prizzia, 1998)For this research assignment I will chose the Ethical Decision-Making Model as it relates to an ethic decision making incident that I experienced.

The Ethical Decision-Making Model is broken down into the follow categories:

Step 1: Identify the ethical question(s) raised and determine to what extent is the problem ethical.

Step 2: What are the 'facts of the case?

Step 3: What constraints on action are there?

Step 4: What ethical values are involved?

Step 5: What sort of ethical problem is it?

Step 6: Resolve clashes between principles or

Step 6a: Resolve disputes about one principle?

Step 7: Come to a reasoned conclusion.

On August 14, 2005 I was working with KBR as an assistant MCT Foreman in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. On this particular date the...