Decisions in Paradise, Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise, Part 1A small island country in the South Pacific, Kava, is plagued with devastating settings that have brought about one disaster after another. Numerous disasters and threats such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are natural occurrences on this island. Other threats also include HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, and high risk factor for avian flu due to poor economic conditions. Despite of these setbacks, the island of Kava has its own unique richness. Kava's economy thrives from the petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, fishing and natural gas readily available on the island to include tourism due to its paradise like settings. Labor is inexpensive. With over 50% of its population under 15 years of age, there are many able bodied laborers making it ideal to hire locally. The island consists of a mixture of diverse cultures of various races such as the South Pacific tribes, Chinese, African, French, Spanish, and a substantial number of Americans.

Fifty percent of the religion and language is primarily dominated by the South Pacific tribes whereas the remainder is divided among the Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic religions. Regardless of these diversities, many of the inhabitants of Kava are embracing technology using advanced techniques to give new meaning to old industries. Hence, the diverse inhabitants of Kava have voiced an immense appreciation for modern technology as well as that the government of Kava identifying its needs to improve their country's communications infrastructure.

With the most recent typhoon disaster that had hit the island, it has become more apparent of the importance of having a communications infrastructure not only to communicate within the island but also with the rest of the world. This infrastructure needs to have the capacity to withstand the natural disasters that afflict this island. This country direly...