The Dedications To Poop

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Felix: your majesty, my name is Felix and this is my helper grizzle. Grizzle and I would like to try our luck at finding out where your daughters dance every night King: You are indeed to brave men to ask this of me. You both know the consequences if you fail? Right? Felix: Yes! Grizzle: No"¦.. I mean yes"¦.. I mean ummmmmm King: Well do you know?? Grizzle: No King: Ok then, you will both be whipped out of the palace never to return. Do you understand? Felix: Yes! Grizzle: Yes sir! But there is one thing that I don't understand. In your proclamation it says any nobleman that finds out where your daughters dance can have one of them for his bride.

King: Why yes, of course noble Grizzle! You may each pick one of my daughters for your wife - BUT ONLY IF YOU FIND WHERE THEY SNEAK OFF TO EVERY NIGHT!!!!! (Felix and grizzle together): Yes your majesty!!! King: now take these slippers to the royal chamber and tell him to make two new pairs.

Felix: Wow! Are these their slippers? King: yes, they wear them out every night, the royal chamber can hardly keep up.

Felix: Grizzle and I will help him. I am the best shoe maker around, and grizzle is my helper.

King: is that so? Hmmmm. Lets go, ill bet you have whipped up quie an appetite this morning. Shall we have fast? Page: Sure Felix: here, let me help you up. - helps her Chairwoman: Oh dear, I think I've sprained my ankle.

Grizzle: (picks up her bucket) (helps her) Josephina:shame on you! He's only a shoe maker.

Rose: But what about grizzle? He is kinda funny"¦.. TeeHee (she laughs girlishly) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rose: poor silly grizzle, so cute but not very smart.

Felix: now to follow them and find out their secret.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rose: Ah! Kirsten: someone just pulled on my dress! Rose: me to! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kirsten: I wish i might dance with him sometime.

Rose: I bet grizzle would step on my toes! ( she smiles and laughs to herself)