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Definition Paper

Valesia Kennard


May 12, 2014

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Definition Paper

It is believed that creativity, innovation, and design are all needed to manifest any type of product, process, or procedure that can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted. The main difference between the three is the focus. This paper will define, compare and contrast creativity, innovation, and design. It will also describe the importance of the three in meeting organizational goals.

Creativity is about a person searching their mind to release a potential innovation in the form of a new idea or improvement of an existing idea. Because creativity starts as a thought and is subjective, this makes it difficult to measure. In contrast innovation is just the opposite, it can be measured. Innovation is about implementing change into existing processes, procedures, technologies, services, and products.

When an organization recognizes unmet needs for areas of opportunities, is where innovation helps to bring out a new design for an appropriate solution. The focus of design is to assert the new equipment, processes, procedures, and technologies it will take to put the innovation into action. This process is where all the kinks are worked out to obtain the common goal.

When comparing and contrasting the three, some may believe that creativity and innovation is one in the same. To create something unique can be viewed as innovating all so. When an innovation is added to an existing product or process it is the process of creating something new. Once it has been modified it is then considered new. However there are some differences in terms of processes, starting points, consequences, risks, and levels of achievement (Herrmann, 2014). Design is about challenging existing processes, procedures, technologies and methods. Design...