Demographic Issues of Asian societies in the 20th Century

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During the 20th century, countries in Asia have been increasingly concerned with issues related to demography as these issues directly affect the country's socio-economic stability. This essay will elaborate on two issues, overpopulation and the aging crisis using China and Japan as case studies. It will then examine some of the policies implemented by the government in attempt to resolve these problems.

The population growth rate peaked during the mid 20th century bringing the total world population as of year 2000 to 6,092,409,072 persons. With Asia accounting for about 67% of the world population, overpopulation was, and still is, one of the biggest demographic issues in Asia. It is a very complex and delicate issue that can have very detrimental effects on a country facing this problem.

Overpopulation is a situation where the resources available in a certain country or area are insufficient to sustain its vast population. There are many resources essential to preserve the quality of life in a community such as food, fresh water, shelter etc.

In addition, other aspects that need to be considered include waste disposal and proper sewage treatment. The shortage of resources, if not remedied, will eventually cause the degradation of living standards.

Overpopulation is not solely determined by the size of the population but also the density of the population in a particular area. Therefore the problem of overpopulation is more severe in major cities where the density of the population is significantly higher than that of rural areas due to immigration and urbanization. This in turn has a major impact on the environment as densely populated areas have higher levels of pollution and carbon emissions because of the increase in the use of automobiles and industrialization. The increase in the demand for land and space leads to deforestation and the building...