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The statement I am going to prove in this thesis is how much of a problem depression is in the United States is. There are many reasons why there is a problem. Deprssion is a bad diseasethat effects many people and sometimes causes sucide which effects the whole family.

Deprssion is young children and teens is often missed for a lot of reasons. Adolesences is known for for rebellious and behavior expiramentaion. There is a lot of emotion turmiol in those years. Most parents do not see the symptoms in their children. Some of the symptoms that parents miss sadness. Kids who are depressed often wear black clothes, write morbid poetry and listen to music with morbid themes. Sleeping problems are sings of depression. Kids often stay up late watching tv. They have a problem getting up for school and sleeping during the day. Lack of motavation, loss of concentration, and slowed thinking are alos signs.

Loss of apatite that could turn into bulima or anerexia. Teenages are likley to abuse alcohol and drugs.

There are three different types of depressionkids have a problem with. The first is major depressive disorder that is charaterized byone or more depressive episodes. The episodes last seven to nine months on average. Children loss interestin activities that please most kids like playing sports. They feel that every one is critizing them and they critized themselves. A hopeless future is thought that these children often face. Kids have most likely thought as sucide as the only anser to their problems. Symptoms of this disorder are kids are ofen very irritible andthis often leads to aggressive behavior. They also might have problems concentrating and lack of energy. They might neglect to shower and clean themeselves properly. This disorder causes anxiety and in turn causes adolesences to...