The depression period in American Society (The fall of the stock market)

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The Adventures of A Talking Coin

It is hard to believe sometimes that a coin talks or that aliens exist, yet once upon a time a US quarter that was laying on my desk started talking to me abut his life starting from the 1920's till the end of world war II in Europe. It is the era in American history that I asked the coin to talk about, assuming that the coin was really going to tell me about its life; I thought it was good thing to do. Reading a book or a newspaper about a period of time in history is something and living throughout that time period is something far more accurate, realistic, and more interesting to listen to. That's what the coin promised to provide me, eyewitness evens that no book or magazine could ever picture to me as the coin did. Here's the story of the mysterious talking coin:

No one (says the coin) ever knew I was a talking con, who could hear, talk, read, and even see what's around me.

I had gone to so many different places and have witnessed so many evens and lived through many eras that Dr. Sutro tried to get his students to live through in his classroom. Though Dr. Sutro did and incredibly wonderful job and an amazing effort to make his students live through each era in his classroom, my stories are far more interesting than his because of the fact that I have lived through them not studied or read about them. I'll start with the 1920's. Being just a quarter laying on the street every now and then, I noticed that the 1920's were an era of wealth, dancing in the street, and the stock market. I would say it was an era...