How to describe oneself as the Paradigm of Liberal/and-or/Peace Feminism.

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"Taking feminism seriously requires that we examine both how international relations has systemic gender differentiated effects and how gender biased categories, identities, practices and frameworks affect the conduct and study of international relations." V. Spike Peterson, Transgressing Boundaries: Theories of Knowledge, Gender and International Relations

"Unfortunately, women remain inadequately represented at national and international decision-making levels. Where women's views and experiences are absent, the political process remains incomplete." Pereq de Cuellar, in The Gendered New World Order

Peace feminism argues for a radically non-violent approach to peace processes and conflict resolution that threatens to achieve real global peace-- once, and for all. Whereas proponents of Realism prescribe untrusting, self-interested, power-maximizing means and ends for international relations, peace feminism proposes connectivity, collaboration, and participation within the entire decision-making and implementation process (Coates). Peace Feminist take a point of view similar to the Liberal Feminist - that men and women are equal and that women need to be featured more in international relations - with the addition that they believe in advocating and acting out peace through participation in the international arena, the thought process with the implementation of peaceful ideals and programs and unity through difference.

To further understand Peace Feminism we can look to an example that Susan C. Coates drew, the Cold War is a perfect case in point of the barbed-wire boundaries constructed around peace ... archival research finds that since 1945 the Soviets had no intentions of attacking the United States (Kegley, 258-61). The arms race was ... prolonged because it produced hostility and confused the difference between U.S. and Soviet economic strength ... Feminists would argue that the Cold War was simply a creation of the Realist irrationality of human nature, and alienating/villainizing thought processes [and] Because peace carried no weight as a national security priority,