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Architecture and design has intrigued me for a considerably long time. My interest was apparent after taking the C.O.P.S. test. The career I decided to research was architecture. After much research, I only found more appealing parts of being an architect.

An architect's life is a hectic and tiring one. However it can also be comfortable, exciting and rewarding. Depending on where one worked who they worked for, or the conditions surrounding them, one architect's life could be much different than another. Working conditions could be in a comfortable office; consulting with clients or working with other architects to develop reports, maps, and plans. However, the conditions could be outside at a construction site, visiting your project while in progress. With this job comes much stress. There are many deadlines to meet, therefore one could work restless days and nights to finish their project on the time scale given.

The basic job of an architect is to ultimately build structures. They must first make a plan for a building or structure, than design it. Afterward, they decide on the materials for construction and eventually oversee the construction of their structure. The average architect works forty hours a week, but as earlier mentioned they usually work overtime in order to meet deadlines. Aside from learning the job description of an architect, I also found much information on the qualifications and requirements in order to become an architect.

An individual must meet many qualifications and requirements in order to become an architect. One skill is the ability to work with others and at the same time

alone on certain projects. Another is the ability to solve technical problems. Thirdly, one must have a certain level of artistic ability. Lastly, a person must have great leadership abilities. This is very important when...