The Destruction of Creativity and Imagination

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The Destruction of Creativity and Imagination

The creativity and imagination that children once possessed is ruined as they become students. Schools stifle with their minds when students learn new ideas, experience new teachers, and interact with classmates and peers.

For starters, some subjects destroy what a student may think of a topic and replace it with reality. Students are constantly being taught new material every day when they enter school. With this new knowledge, students are deprived from thinking otherwise. Additionally, students often have to dedicate their minds to whatever task is at hand. For example, when students are given a certain assignment, they are strongly advised too solemnly focus on that one task, receiving specific instructions in order to be rewarded with a noble mark. It's possible that students are pressured and are disabled from inserting a creative aspect in their project. The minds of students depend on how they learn, therefore the teachers they receive take a toll on their creativity and imagination.

Secondly, the way a teacher interacts with their students influences how creative and imaginative they can be. Teachers help students grow academically, to further understand concepts and assist them in ways their peers can't. However, a teacher may only voice out one opinion, restricting students from expressing what they really think. For instance, during a course like history, if a teacher strongly expresses their opinion on a certain event it can brainwash students into having the same one. Moreover, if a student were to disagree with the teacher's belief, there's a possibility that they can suffer intellectually. Furthermore, the characteristics a teacher obtains also affects students, if some dislike their teaching method it can negatively affect how they work during class. Nevertheless, if students admire how their teacher presents new material it can positively...