Details the difference between short stories Chee's Daughter by Juanita Platero and Siyowin Miller and The Hawk is Flying by Harry Crews.

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Great Minds Think Different

Great minds think alike, this statement is absolutely false. Authors are great because of their originality, not of their skill to mimic someone else. They use different style, theme, inspiration, and everything in between to write stories. The difference between two well written stories can be shown in "The Hawk is Flying" by Harry Crews and "Chee's Daughter" by Juanita Platero and Siyowin Miller. Different themes and subjects are apparent within the two works of literature.

"Chee's Daughter" conveys the theme of "that a man took care of his land and it in turn took care of him" (Platero 216). It followed Chee through his trials and tribulations of trying to get his daughter back from Old Man Fat. "The Hawk is Flying" is about a man who takes care of an injured hawk, becomes emotionally attached to it, but must release it into the wild.

"Chee's Daughter" shows man's noblest emotion... love, Chee wanted one thing to get what he loved back, while the person in "The Hawk is Flying" helps out something, and begins to love it, but he must give up his love. The message is distinctly different but clear in both of them, if someone tries hard enough, he can get whatever he wants, and if someone truly loves something, set them free.

The type of work is a major difference between the two stories. "Chee's Daughter" is a short story with excellent descriptive, while Crews's essay is centrally narrative, but also contains some parts that are exposition. Platero's short story uses setting to establish mood and reflection of a character's state of mind, but Crews works with specific word choice, "but her eyes and feathers were dull and she was extremely weak" (Crews 258), to get his meanings across. Crews explains...