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Miffy Riley

AP English

Mrs. Gazso

October 24 2014

Your Life: To Be Determined

What makes someone a "force of nature"- focused, successful, and essentially

unstoppable? The answer is determination, a powerful force that drives mankind toward their

dreams and goals without end. Determination is fueled by fire, motivation, and desire.

Determination is standing up strong after being thrown down, strengthening yourself to endure

any force, and changing the world with everyday courage. The journey of determination

transforms elusive thoughts into tangible success. Without determination nothing is possible.

With it, impossible is nothing.

Determination's multifaceted nature can be analyzed in different steps progressing

towards ultimate destiny. Its purpose is first born with a spark, an idea, a finding of something

within more powerful than yourself. It begins with writing a poem for the first time or catching a

baseball with a mitt bigger than your tiny little arm. It is discovering your talents, desiring to

reach your potential, and finding your gifts within that you are passionate to share with the

world. The mightiest works begin with the smallest step of a simple courage to envision

becoming more.

The next step is the decision and the actual commitment to devoting yourself entirely to

your dreams. This step is not easy; it takes courage to face the voices that say you cannot, will

not, and are not good enough. It requires bravery to take a chance on yourself, to believe in

yourself enough that the uncertainties and risks fail to scare you away from becoming your best.

It is signing up for that team you always looked up to; it is choosing professors who challenge

you to step up your game and never reward easy effort. It is dropping out of college to start a

business in your garage nicknamed "Apple"...