The Detriment of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East

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IntroductionNo where else in the world has more examples of international relations with America than the Middle East in the present day. The shape of modern day foreign policy in America was drastically changed. But it is still two factors direct it one is Israel and the other is oil.

In this essay, the detriment of US foreign policy in the Middle East is analyzed. After going through a lot of literature on this particular topic it become quite clear that two major factors i.e oil and Israel are the main detriments. The analysis provides an insight to how America is concerned about the security of Israel , it also highlights the fact that how the majority of the American population are Jews and thus their policy seems to support them , the American inertest in the middle east seems to be due to this reason.

The analysis also provides an insight about how oil is of great importance to the U.S;

they have always shown a keen interest in the Middle East as they have to ensure the free flow of oil in the international market. America's consumption of Oil is quite high and thus even if they have to point fingers at the Middle East government and focus their foreign policy on them they will.

AnalysisU.S Foreign Policy and IsraelThe US is extremely concerned about the security of Israel. This is based on three pillars, none of which is going away. First, Israel is seen as a strategic asset in a critical region. Israel is the 'unsinkable aircraft carrier', whose government's pro-Western orientation alone among the regimes in the Middle East cannot be changed by a single bullet (Kenneth 2008 p 23). Israel is also the only democracy in the Middle East, whose shared values with the US...