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The War on TerrorSince the beginning of time, this earth has been plagued by war. How many wars has the earth seen? No one can answer that question. I am completely confident that no nation, country, or region can claim to have seen no war. The United States, my beloved home and country, is certainly no different. Today we are engaged in one of the greatest and most psychologically assaulting wars man has ever known, the "War on Terrorism". But before we can look at the "War on Terrorism", let's define what exactly terrorism is. The dictionary defines terrorism as political violence: violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes (Microsoft Works Word Processor Dictionary). This political violence has been waged upon us in full.

Events leading up to the war began sometime ago, but the "War on Terrorism" really began to escalate in 2001, when a series of coordinated attacks was launched against the United States in several locations.

Those attacks have hurt our country badly, but the greatest pain lies not in thousands of deaths or in financial loss but in the loss of peace of mind. For that is what the dictionary tells us that terror is; the act of scaring someone into doing something. You might ask, what should we be scared into doing? My best guess is that they are trying to scare us into converting to Islam. If the United States was a Muslim nation, I seriously doubt that we would be under attack as we are. Islam followers believe in a concept known as jihad, or the holy war. This war must be waged upon any who pose a threat to Islam. I think that because we are imposing...