Developing Learning in Information Systems: Personal Developing Report.

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1.0 Introduction.

Learning is an important thing in our life; certainly, we can learn a lot of skills in our lifelong experiences. So what is the "Learning" mean? Learning can be defined as an experiential process resulting in a relatively permanent change in behavior hat cannot be explained by temporary states, maturation, or innate response tendencies (Klein 1996, p.2). Learning is not just about qualifications. The social, health and psychological benefits of developing leisure interests at all ages is now recognized and it provides the means of dealing with some of the uncertainties of the future such as new technologies, job change, domestic and family responsibilities

The world is speeding toward of change, everything is developing. Everyone has to know how to gather knowledge, how to own and how to be seasoned with the change. People spend most time in their life studying; therefore they should plan the learning. Learning is a lifetime process, not something that ends with graduation.

Basing on this, and there is a concept of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning can help to develop communities and support families and individuals throughout their lives.

There are hundreds of definitions of lifelong learning, and each is appropriate to its own environment. It has social, political, personal and an educational meaning. In the end, however, it is the individual who makes learning decisions and personal motivation on the part of many people is the only true stimulator of learning opportunities (Longworth & Davies, 1996, p.21).

Skills that is transferable from one area to another. To exercise the fundamental right to freely acquire knowledge, from cradle to grave, individuals need to learn to act socially, within teams, within organizations and communities, and in modern society. "Learning how to learn" is fundamental. For example, people should turn the study skills into life...