Developing a Sitcom

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Task 3- Developing the style

The visual style that we wish to adopt for the series will not be classic realism as because it would not suit the script. We would use continuity editing as because some of the script involves moving to once place to another. Also our group would not adapt to a documentary look, as it's not a documentary as well as the fact that it wouldn't go well with that particular Sitcom and the characters involved. My group would also adapt to a surrealist look as there is a part where Ben 'dreams' about Angela thinking, she's an angel. This part would look good because of the effects of the imagery of Angela as an angel and also the part where animated hearts appear in which the heart escape like 'butterflies'. It would be a surrealist as it has certain parts which animated and it would look good, if it was part of the script.

I think the series should be filmed, given a laugher track along with it because if it's filmed in front of a audience; the characters would have to move scene to scene which would make the audience impatient and they might not find the joke as funny as it would have been if it was filmed first. It would be funnier for the television audience if the 'laugher track' comes at the right time followed by the joke, which would make the joke more realistic and add that touch of comedy.