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Question: 01 What is development project?

A development project is a project which is taken by Govt. of a country for the interest of a nation or specific community. No private owner is interested to take this project. The basic objective of this project is social benefit. Developments of road, bridge, school, college, hospital, mosque, temple etc. are the example of development project.

Project related to socio-economic infrastructure is called development project. In development project there is no question of profit. Development projects are successfully implemented by the direct supervision of government.

We can also say that development project means a project intended to increase a developing country's ability to produce in the future. Such projects are most commonly additions to the country's capital stoke, but they may involve improvement in infrastructure, educational facilities, discovery or development of rural resources etc.

On the other way we can say that development project refers to a specific activity or task settled upon to achieve the economic, political and social goals of a country.

Question: 02 What are the different levels of monitoring chain in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh the monitoring activities of development projects are permitted in different stages. The different stages of project monitoring activities in Bangladesh are given below

Project level monitoring: In this stage the duty of monitoring is accounted for or performed by project director or manager or coordinator. Project implementation activities are monitored by CPM, Bar chart periodical Budget.

Agency/Division level Monitoring: In agency stage planning and agency wing are prevailing. Implementation wing monitors the project and try to solve the existing problem. Generally, large executive agency is divided into various sectors and these sectors perform the monitoring activities on project basis, sector basis and overall agency basis. In order to solve the problem of project,