Devil With Some Blue Shoe's On. An analysis of a Candie's shoe ad with Jenny McCarthy in it.

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Devil With Some Blue Shoe's On

It must be dandy to slip into a pair of Candie's. In an October 2001 edition of Spin magazine, I came across an advertisement for Candie's shoes where Jenny McCarthy is standing in a commodious bathroom showing just how sexy a pair of royal shoes can look on a beautiful woman such as herself. The Candie's company has been around since the late 1980's with their very provocative ads. Candie's is also well-known for putting beautiful female celebrities in their ads. Familiar icons such as Alyssa Milano, otherwise known as Samantha Micelli from the hit T.V. series "Who's The Boss", the stunning musical group Destiny's Child, and the flamboyant Macy Gray have all modeled for Candie's. In the particular Candie's ad I have chosen, Jenny McCarthy is using her sexuality to try to push shoes. At first glance the viewer would probably never know that this ad is selling shoes if it were not for the copy on the ad.

Candie's does a wonderful job of marketing their merchandise to you, the consumer, by using personality, desire, and sexuality. These three things will be used to break down this ad and analyze what Candie's has accomplished through advertising their products to both the male and female consumer.

According to Norman O. Brown: "I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property". Most men probably recognize Jenny McCarthy as Miss October 1993 or Playmate of the year 1994. But I'm sure when woman recognize Jenny it's probably as a MTV (Music Television) VJ or co-host of the popular MTV show Singled Out. Jenny McCarthy is also well-known for her vociferous and rampant personality. In this particular Candie's ad you can see that by the way the picture plain is setup. Jenny is smack...