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Concept Critique # 7 In reading the two stories the reader is given insight into the lives of those living with diabetes. We can see the problems, hardships and difficulties one can have when suffering from the illness. Through reading the story certain biases become clear, biases which have nothing to do with nursing. The stories also give the reader the ability to see how important health teaching is and how it can be of immense help in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as diabetes.

In the case of Alexandra, the story seems to be leaning towards the thought that due to her background and the beliefs of her parents they ignore her illness and believe it was a punishment. Though this could be the case it may also be a quick judgment. There is the possibility that having not dealt with the disease of diabetes before and not knowing much about it, Alexandra's parents do not know how to deal with her problem and they may actually themselves be scared.

Perhaps with more health teaching Alexandra's parents would not react like this and in understanding the illness and be able to support her and discuss the problems she faces together.

For the second story we read about Molly. In this story a few judgmental implications are made especially on dealing with the fact that she gambles. Although it can be seen as a problem, the fact that the she gambles and still claims that she is unable to afford the diet which would help her diabetes, it is still quite judgmental. Gambling can be a psychological problem and can become highly addictive. We should not judge Molly so quickly on her gambling habits, many people use gambling as a strange way of stress relief and Molly may...