A diamond in the rough

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1) When diamonds are extracted from mines, they don't look very pretty.

A raw diamond cannot be used as a piece of jewelry, An expert with many years of training and experience has to cut it and polish it so that it looks beautiful and is valuable (no one would w ear a raw diamond as jewellery if it looks like a lump of salt). The end result may be a smaller stone shorn of all unnecessary residue but resulting in a brilliant piece of sparkling stone.

Thus when someone calls you a Diamond in the Rough , it means that at first appearance, you seem to be rather ordinary or common. But (and MUCH more importantly) it also means that they recognize something very valuable and precious within you that will take a lot of work to bring out.

Diamonds, in their natural state, are rough, not only unpolished, but also not even appearing to most people to be diamonds at all. Their beauty is unrevealed to the viewer, awaiting a polishing by the person who is able to see what lies beneath. So, a diamond in the rough is a person with many great qualities, but one who is not polished enough for others to always appreciate.

The phrase "diamond in the rough" may further mean that a rough diamond requires the services of an expert to bring out the brilliance but in contrast if you want to be that brilliant stone, you would have to put in a lot of work to make it a reality.

When used for a man "diamond in the rough" can also refer to a good or gentle person who is hidden by his rough or harsh exterior. The phrase "diamond in the rough" can be used for...