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Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830. She grew up in Amherst, Massachutes and was brought up into the Puritan way of life. Emily has a sister Lavinia and a brother Austin that she was close to.

Emily Dickinson's family were raised in the Christian tradition and were expected to take those values without question. Emily didn't agree with not choosing her own beliefs in religion. Emily met a man Charles Wadsworth who she could confide in. His religious beliefs inspired her and gave her guidance.

Many of Emily Dickinson's poems were morbid and depressing. Her writings dealt with death and suffering. These feelings she wrote came from the deaths of close one's and the emotional confusion of the Civil War. The tense atmosphere contributed to her writings. She lived across from a cemetery and never bothered to associate with anyone.

For the last years of her life she stayed cramped in her bed.

Her poems show she was afraid of death but once it came she lost the fear of death and it possibly became easier for her to write more morbid poetry.

Emily Dickinson had a depressing life. As one would look at it she had nothing to be happy about. Although none of her poems were published when she was alive, she is known today as one of the greatest poets.