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Avril Lavigne and Brittney Spears are both sensational artists of this generation. They are at the top pf the charts and have become role models for our youth in two extremely diverse ways. The difference between Avril and Brittney is their personalities, style and creativity.

One's personality is shaped by their background, experiences and exposures. Avril was raised in Canada with a heavy religious background. She expresses herself through her music singing about everything from Jesus to her complicated relationships. She started out singing in the church choir which gave her the foundation of morals and beliefs that has shaped her personality into the person she is today. While Brittney on the other hand grew up in Louisiana and spent her early childhood performing in talent shows and dance reviews. She started acting at a young age which can alter ones outlook and perception on life. Growing up as a child actress she made the transition into a young lady with her singing career that launched in 1998.

She has made her self known for being wild and spontaneous revealing her new look as a sex symbol.

Avril Lavigne is "Anything but Ordinary", she has a style of her own "unapologetically original". A dirty blonde, blue-eyed skater punk princess all rolled into one. Her spunky edginess and naïve charm has made her an idol world wide. She takes pride in being herself; the clothes she wears to school are the clothes she wears in her everyday life. On the other hand when Brittney performs or attends social functions she will wear outrageous outfits designed and created for that one event.