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Being raised in a different country with a different culture, and different values I have a different out look on things compared to most people I know. Yet at the same time something are the same, such as some basic rules and values. At the same time, there are vast differences also, for example, I have always grown up with mom and dad, a two parent home, most of the people I now either have one parent, divorced parents, or parents what have remarried. Then there are the vast cultural differences, for instance the way I have been brought up with the idea that ones mother is the most important person in there life. The way this hierarchy works is, well it goes (God), Mother, Father, and then everyone else, I say this because a good deal of my friends dislike there parents, yet for me, they have always been there for a strong base.

One of the people I interviewed was raised in the poor end of Anchorage by a single working mother until he was 4 years old. Since his mom worked he spent a lot of time on his own, and during those times he picked up some of his hobbies, such as playing video games, playing with cards, and riding his bike. When his mom remarried he had to deal with having a younger brother around which he wasn't too fond of, so he kept to himself. Unlike my family, his family stopped caring about grads after elementary school. When I entered high school he pretty much grew up outside, his family gave him a place to stay but they let him do what he wanted since the age of about 17, where they really stopped caring about what he did. He had pretty much full...