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Managing a Difficult Conversation Within an organization there are various issues that it is associated with effective management, especially when it comes to the case of having difficult conversations with employees. It is understandable that you need requisite skills enabling to handle situations like a difficult conversation especially from a managers prospective. Managers that have to deal with problematic conversations may require them to challenge unacceptable behaviour, low productivity, effort or discuss personal issues with an employee, these conversations go beyond the standard work conversations. The aims of having this difficult conversation is to state poor enactment within the organization, enabling each individual to discuss their personal problems, scrutinizing complaints or making hard decisions. For example, making someone redundant, reassuring individuals and their performance and attempting to resolve personality differences with current members of staff. These discussions are usually on a one-to-one basis. Line managers should focus on these difficult conversation, if they do not act then they could deceive the employee by giving the impression that there is no problem, reject the members of staff the chance to improve or put things right, harm the output and efficiency of your business, Lower the confidence amongst employees.

Line managers can make these discussions with employees less problematic by having a discreet conversation at the first sign that something is incorrect, Keeping in touch with the members of staff, using employee representatives as sounding boards for how staff feeling about issues. It is better to deal with these problems immediately, rather than waiting for them to become more difficult Several of the skills needed to manage tough conversations and behaviour are often mentioned as 'soft' Nevertheless there's nothing soft about dealing with an sensitive or aggressive employee who may appear to be trying to unsettle or undermine the line manager.