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Characters always do, say, or have personalities that make them remembered. Dill, a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, is one that is memorable. Dill is an interesting character because he has a mischievous personality, an important role, and he has unexpected actions.

Dill’s mischievous personality makes him a memorable character. He sneaks around Boo Radleys yard, trying to make him to come out. He told Atticus that he, Scout and Jem were playing strip poker, when they were actually in the Radley’s yard. Dill inconspicuously runs away from his parents because he thinks that they do not care. Without permission, he goes to the Finches house. His mischievous personality also shows when he jumps out his window to follow Atticus with Jem and Scout.

In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Dill has an important role. He comes to Maycomb every summer. While there he stays with his aunt, Miss Rachel.

Dill, Jem and Scout are best friends. When Dill does not come back for the summer Scout complained, “With him, life was routine; without him, life was unbearable.” He is an important character in Scouts life. Before Dill left he would always try to make Boo Radley come outside. This was a main event in the book since they were so curious about him.

Dill has unexpected actions that make him remembered. Even though Dill and Scout are young, he proposed to her. This situation is awkward because Dill is also best friends with Scouts brother, Jem. Scout and Jem were not expecting Dill to leave for the school year and not come back for the summer, since he now had a permanent home. They were starting to get used to Dill being gone. Then Dill does another unexpected action and he hides under Scouts bed. Scout and Jem first of all did not expect him to be there nor did they expect him to be allowed to stay in Maycomb.

Dill has his quirks, but he is still remembered. His tricky and mischievous personality is one aspect of his character that is memorable. Dill’s unexpected actions also cause him to be interesting. Dill’s important role also plays part in why he is remembered. Dill is a character that will always be mischievous, unexpected, and important.