A Dim Future from "Dances with Wolves"

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Kevin Costner plays the Caucasian Lieutenant in the Hollywood production, Dances with Wolves. Savage customs impede the development of the American Indian, and the race is doomed to be defeated by the White man, as according the Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. The video clip of Dances with Wolves is a microcosm of the demise of the Native American culture.

Several events in the movie foreshadow the demise of the American Indian. When the tribe arrives to their destination in search of buffalo, they discover that the white men once again were faster. The field is covered with slaughtered buffalo left by a passing wagon caravan. The Indians are sad that the animals have been defiled by the whites, who wastefully took only hide and tongue, leaving nearly the full carcasses to rot. This foreshadows the Indian's future. Native Americans will forevermore be second to the whites.

According to Darwinism, evolution claims that new species arise and are perpetuated by natural selection. This principle similarly applies to the human race. Although Native Americans are closely tied to nature, biologically they are inferior to the white man. When Caucasians arrive in America, disease kills more Native Americans than even armed clashes.

Additionally, the tribe's savage ways are a sign of the past. A Native American hunter rips a buffalo heart from a freshly dead animal, takes a bite, and then offers the Lieutenant the same "privilege". To the average white man, this custom is cannibalistic. Also, two of the tribe's hunters trade the Lieutenant for pieces of his clothing. In the first trade, a young male hunter trades his breastplate for the Lieutenant's jacket. In the second trade, another male Indian gives him a peace pipe for his hat. Both the Indian breastplate and pipe were significant, hand-made...