The Disadvantages of the Internet.

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When the Internet was first introduced to the public, it marked an extraordinary change in every aspect of our lives. Today, with the explosive increase of sites on the Internet, technology has taken another dramatic rise. In the midst of this technological explosion, we might stop and ask some key questions. Is the Internet good or bad for education? Are students learning more or less? And what, exactly, are they learning? Although, using the Internet to research instead of encyclopaedias has become a reality for most high school students, the idea of the Internet being is a place where everyone can easily access reliable information is only a myth. We often make a great mistake by calling the Internet something along the lines of "best source of information", when, really, it is nothing but an unreliable, and bias source of information that develops bad habits in us.

If you are the type of person who does a lot of research for schoolwork, you would probably be familiar with much of the useless information on the Internet. More often than not, finding useful information is challenging, tedious, and time consuming. A large portion of the information on the Internet is commercial and useless for research. Also, determining whether the information on a certain website are based on actual facts or a point of view is virtually impossible - especially when you have two or more websites that contradict each other. Since most websites do not associate any dates to their information, many people receive out of date information that is only misleading. Next to all these obstacles, there are the Internet advertisements that pop up when least want them to distract you and make you research even harder and more time consuming.

While you are on a chatting with...