Disappointing Time in My Life

Essay by ShuShu58 September 2007

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Does disappointment really make one stronger? Personally, I think that disappointments help one to be stronger. Everyone has felt disappointed at least once in their lives. When someone disappoints you, you will feel sad as the person has not tried his best in that particular area.

My first disappointment in my life was when my parents had to travel overseas most of the time while I was preparing for my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). They travelled because of work and when I needed their support most, they were often not beside me. They had no time for me, just work! I felt as if I did not matter to them. What mattered was they earned enough money.

"Didn’t they know that money is never enough?" I kept muttering to myself.

Another disappointment was when I was fourteen years old. It was quite a tough year for me. As usual, my parents were away at work.

Alone at home with my two younger siblings, I had to take up the responsibility of taking care of them. However, my sister had ‘undesirable’ friends and this led to problems. She started demanding money from my parents, giving hundreds of excuses why she needed it. Sad to say, it was all a lie. There was once my friends secretly told me that she was treating her friends. Treating them with meals, clothes and even providing them with pocket money. I didn’t know how to explain all this to my parents. Should they be informed? Till now, I do not know whether I should at that point in time have told them. I didn't out of some kind of loyalty to my sister and happily she got over this immature behaviour. Phew!Lastly, the disappointment which hurt me the most happened when I was sixteen.