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People who are racists in this world are just immature, naïve, and foolish. They fail to accept the fact that there are people in the world who don't comply with their so-called "supreme cultures." But those differences don't determine if anyone is more or less of a person and it certainly doesn't give anyone the right to declare they have the "supreme culture." The fact of the matter is: bigotry isn't a mature form of intoleration, it isn't even a belief or a point of view, it's just simply people who continue to practice the childish maneuver of singling out peers and taunting them. If you think about it, racists really don't have a motive except for the fact that they can't tolerate diversity. I speak all this from experience. In my life so far, I've encountered discrimination once, which is enough and I'm only seventeen years old. It was pretty traumatic since I was only in seventh grade and I genuinely believed that I was surrounded by a class of friendly peers, if not friends.

It was in science class at Radnor Middle School and we had this truant and incompetent teacher who really seemed at a loss when it came to disciplining and controlling students. Everyday she would come in to class prepared with a bunch of material that she knew wasn't going to get taught and then at the end walk out with a face that looked as if she were about to cry. Unfortunately she also taught about as well as she controlled our class, in honest truth I was beginning to feel sorry for her. I guess her motto became "if you can't beat'em, join'em" because not only did she instigate my traumatic experience, she reinforced their cruel jibes. Anyways, she was teaching us about...