Disposable vs. Reusable

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Recent studies show that about 5 percent of the school's population think that reusable dishes and tableware are more convenient than disposable cups and plates. According to students, "this is a way of saving money on disposable items that can be used towards other programs." A member of the recycling club added that, "it will definitely reduce the amount of trash in the trash cans." Sure, this is a great thing to do at home, but what happens when you are eating in your school cafeteria? Not only are students going to be eating and drinking out of a plate or cup that has been used before, you are also using a utensil that has been in another person's mouth. A student survey showed that an average pupil doesn't know about 85% of the other students that attend the same school. This means that people are sharing utensils with total strangers.

Everyone doesn't live in the same house so people's habits are unknown to others. nobody knows how often somebody brushes their teeth or takes a shower. These bacteria might be passed down as the person is eating with a fork or a spoon that has been used before.

Another fact that proves that disposable tableware are the most convenient in school's is the fact that there is going to me an immense use of water and soap. These chemicals aren't going to be put away after they are used. Not only will there be a strong smell, to which someone might be allergic, someone may fall on the slippery floor.

Besides all of this, there are going to be many factories affected by this drastic movement. Many of them remain afloat due to the money that is provided for their delivery of plates to schools. What will happen...