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There are many different forms of diversity that affect human behavior and the culture of companies. Gender, age, personality traits, and ethnicity are all types of diversity that we encounter in the work environment. All of these have an impact on the company, in the areas that the employees work in, and how they react to one another.

GenderGender can be classified as being a member of one of the two sexes, male or female. In a successful organization, men and women can perform the same job duties if the organization allowed them. Today, many men and women carry the same amount of education and compete for jobs that were reserved for men in the past. Most organizations conduct interviews between possible candidates to see who the best applicant is that meets the requirements for that specific position. With these interviews, the organization is covered against discrimination.

Gender should not be a concern for an organization since both female and male employees are required to perform the same duties of a job regardless of what gender classification they may fall into.

A job may include hard labor and many employers would rather hire males instead of females due to strength requirements. Unfortunately for these employers, labor laws do not allow this to happen. Today, women fill many hard labor positions and complete the job duties with the same, if not more, efficiency as males. On the other hand, men can also fill jobs that were thought of as "woman's work" in the past. One of the jobs that fall under this stereotype is nursing. People used to think that nursing was only for women but today there are more men seen going into the nursing field. As we are making our way through the beginning of the 21st century, gender...