Diversity and Group Development

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"Everybody knows that no man lives or works alone; that from birth to death he is with others, agreeing, disagreeing, cooperative, competitive. (Marrow et al, 1957) The purpose of this paper is to explore how individuals learn diversity through a process called socialization. This socialization process also affects how individuals interact with others because of their learned socialization. An ever-changing time has made the workforce even more diverse than ever and with this diversity comes conflict. Group Development is a management tool that is used in Organizations to solve potential issues and to also assist in helping a team to be the most efficient working team. A successful team is a benefit to the Organization. Why? Retainability and Profit.

"Socialization is the process by which children and adults learn from others." (Socialization) The socialization process is really nothing more than the educational process by which we learn everything ranging from what is right or wrong, or what is considered moral or immoral.

Socialization begins at the time of our birth and continues until we die. We learn socialization from many different sources. These sources include family, peers, church, society, and the media. What we learn is what molds your individual values, attitudes, and beliefs. These are the cornerstone of how we see ourselves as individuals, how we view others, and how we interpret the world in general.

The workforce consists of very different individuals that come from all walks of life. Differences in individuals Race, Religion, Gender, and National Origin are just some of the factors that separate individuals. So what does this have to do with managers in an organization? I believe manager have the inherent responsibility to the owners and an obligation to their subordinates to create a workforce free of conflict. For managers to create a well-producing...