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Running Head: Diversity PaperDiversity PaperRita Ben-CherquiCandice O’BrienUniversity of PhoenixOctober 22, 2006This paper is about a selection of four types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list that was provided to us. This paper is about Ethnicity, Religion, Gender and Personality Traits. We will examine the impact of each on individual behavior. We will also show how each one differs.

Ethnicity is a human population whose members identify with each other, usually on the basis of a presumed common genealogy or ancestry (smith, 1986). Ethnic groups are also usually united by common cultural, behavioral, linguistic, or religious practices. In this sense, an ethnic group is also a cultural community. (Wikipedia, 2006). This is usually in companies big and small. There are several groups in my company. We have people that are united by different races, churches, religions, and so on. My company does not rule out against any of these groups because they bring people together.

Codman Square Health Center encourages them and they encourage these groups to share with other people in the company. We have multicultural day which there are about 10 tables and people bring in different items from their country to represent it and then they show them off. They usually have information about the culture and life. Some people have economic information included to show people in our company how the lives of people who live in those countries. The demographic characteristics in ethnics are that we have people from the same area (living, shopping, around the same age, per income capital. Most of our employees are not poverty stricken although we have the patients in our community is. Most of the people that work for the center are very self sufficient and make enough money to pay their bills. Most of our...