Diversity in the Workplace

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The workforce of today is diverse in many ways. People will deal with others who are from vastly different backgrounds and have conflicting belief systems. Part of becoming successful in the workplace is understanding that diversity is essential and one must become tolerant and educated about people who may be of different ethnicities. Gender has also been an issue in the workplace for many years. Women have flooded the workplace and have succeeded at many jobs which only men performed in the past. Age is another factor which has diversified the workforce. People are living longer and retiring later. Personality traits can also impact the way in which people are perceived and the way in which they treat one another.

"Consistent with some current literature, we use the term "racial and ethnic groups" to reflect the broad spectrum of employees of differing ethnicities or races who make up an ever-increasing portion of the new workforce.

The potential for stereotypes and discrimination to adversely affect career opportunities and progress for members of these and other minority groups must be recognized." (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005) Because the workforce is so dramatically ethnically diversified it becomes a potential breeding ground for instances of discrimination based on a person's color. Ethnic stereotypes are still evident in the workforce of today. It is possible that one might be promoted or given a job because they are the same ethnicity as the person who is giving them the place in the organization. It is very important for managers to understand that jobs must be assigned based on ability not ethnicity.

Gender issues in the workplace are another common problem which must be dealt with on a regular basis. Since women have flooded the workforce gender issues have included discrimination against both men and women. Jobs...