Do Children Need fathers in their life?

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How important do u think a father is for a child..

39% of all children in the United States now live apart from their father. Over one-third of these children won't even see their dad. When a Dad is absent from the home, children are at greater risks for negative consequences in their lives. For example, children with little or no contact with their fathers are more likely to drop out of school, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Girls are more likely to become pregnant as teens. Boys are more likely to become involved in crime and violence. Unfortunately, some fathers who are physically present in the home may be emotionally absent from their children's lives. Regardless of the marital status of the parents, the father needs to be actively engaged in his child's life, especially during the child's early years. The involved father encourages independence, standing up for oneself, and accepting one's mind, body, and personality.

Fathers play a large role in nurturing their children and can build creativity, morals, the ability to make friends and get along with others.

A father's presence on a daily basis in their children's lives is seen as an important element in the children's positive development.

The role of the father includes emotional and care-giving responsibilities. Fathers' participation in two-parent families rises and falls according to demands placed on fathers, and whether they think the children are getting good care from the mother. Fathers who are involved reduce aggressive behavior in boys. Fathers who are close and express their positive feelings with their children appear to have the greatest long-term impact on their child's development.

In the final analysis, children are most likely to succeed when parents are married and living together in reasonable harmony. And in cases of divorce, children...