Do I have the right to be Offended?

Essay by josdeaA+, November 2005

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Everyone in this world is different or diverse in some way, either by how they look, who they are, or what they think and believe. Do I have the right to complain or seek affirmative action when someone offends me based on our differences? Do I have the right to be offended? Being offended is a decision. Anyone can choose to not let something bother them or respond to the offender with a sharp word back or a kind word, thus just letting the offence not bother them. But, people all the time will say, "They can't do that, that's not right, that offends me." If someone is offended by someone or something they have to ask themselves do I really have the right to be offended? Sure, they can choose to be offended, but on what grounds can they correct the other person? Our government was originally set up to defend the rights of the individual and for what they stand for.

If someone chooses to be offended it has to be asked which standard of rights are they choosing to be offended by and under which set of laws? In this world of diversity in beliefs and personalities, many times someone can be offended by something that they can't take to the government claiming their rights have been violated. The government has rules and standards as do educational institutions and other organizations. But those standards only apply to those within the organization or group. It is uncalled for to expect that someone will follow the standards of an organization with which they are not involved and of which they have no knowledge of. Everyone in a country is held to the law of that country so if someone sidesteps my legal rights then...